About us

Welcome to Bezolie, where beauty meets accessibility and self-expression. Our journey began with a vision to make beauty easy, effective, and affordable for everyone. Founded in Mauritius, Bezolie is a brand dedicated to providing quality beauty products, specifically focusing on nails.

At Bezolie, we understand the challenges individuals face in maintaining a manicured look in the midst of busy lives. Inspired by the founder's personal journey and a gap in the European market for press-on nails, Bezolie was born to offer a convenient and stylish solution.

Our meticulous approach to product development ensures that each box is thoughtfully curated, containing not just adhesive strips but also liquid nail glue. This allows our customers to choose between a short-term or long-lasting manicure. The compact size of our packaging makes it easy to slip into your purse, offering on-the-go beauty for any occasion.

Beyond beauty, Bezolie advocates for breaking stereotypes. Our founder shares a passion for fashion and self-expression but acknowledges the challenges women face in being perceived as both intelligent and glamorous in the professional world. Bezolie strives to empower women to embrace their femininity without compromising their professionalism.

Focusing on hands—the tools we use every day—Bezolie recognizes the importance of self-care in today's hectic world. Our nails, easily interchangeable with a range of options, provide a solution for those who seek convenience without compromising style.

The name "Bezolie" encapsulates our brand—it combines "be" from English (to be) and "zolie" from Mauritian Creole (beautiful). It signifies the essence of being beautiful and proudly represents our Mauritian roots.

Join us on this beauty journey where convenience, self-expression, and empowerment converge. Bezolie is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of beauty in all its forms.